Those Gray Leather Chairs

December 18, 2010

Gray Chairs/Dining Room Edward Sumner

Speaking of those gray leather chairs

I’ve wanted to get rid of the gray leather chairs that have haunted my home dining existence my entire lifetime, but for some strange reason, I haven’t been able to let them go (this seems to be a recurring theme in my life, yes?)

It isn’t so strange, actually, once you meet my Dad. My thought process is basically his voiceunder slowly fading onto the scene every time I’ve ever thought about buying new chairs (or new anything for that matter).

“Why buy new chairs when these are perfectly good? And for dog’s sake, they match your table and your dining room’s non-existent decor. You are wasting *pause for emphasis* money.” This, of course, explains the 200,000+ miles on the car I have been and will be driving until it finally coughs itself apart, leaving me stranded on a deserted freeway in the middle of the night.

Wearing my Express cargo pants.


Gray Chairs

I thought that moving into a new house across town would be the perfect opportunity to finally argue myself out of keeping the chairs. The chairs are no longer perfectly good. The metal frames are starting to give, leather is stretched, stitching is coming undone, and each chair is wearing at different rates in different places, making them seem strangely mismatched. I no longer have the table around which they once convened, and in fact, we don’t have a table (nor the space for a future table) in this house at all for them. They’re just waiting in a sad, dilapidated row against the wall in a room that’s itching to scratch them out.

At least the duct tape around the gliders match the leather, though.

I had the postcard propped up on the file cabinet next to my desk. It was addressed to “New Resident” from Goodwill. “Call now,” it read. “We will wrestle those pathetic chairs out of your pathetic, cheap, greige-tipped grip, rain or shine. And leave you a tax-deductible receipt!”

I was ready.

And then I saw the photo above.

And won’t be able to give the chairs away until I get that gorgeous image, and the idea that I could perhaps achieve the same thing, out of my head.

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