casa kitchen

Kitchen at Casamopolitan

Long story, short: I moved.

It was a long time coming, a short time going, but I’m finally here in a new place that is east of the Westside, but west of the Eastside. I’m still in the midst of packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking, ad hauseum so even though I have much to tell, I’ll just show you some pictures of the new casa.

Busy moving, yes, but I’m also still just a little breathless, recovering from shock and disbelief, trying to process the last two weeks, let alone eight months. Work. Life. Love. (See what I mean by “much to tell you?” Much.)

The photo above is a view of the kitchen from the front entry of the house — yes, that is a fracking fireplace in the kitchen (!!!). The rest of the photos are also of the kitchen because the kitchen is, without a doubt, the most important space in the house and is the reason, in every interpretation of the next three words, We. Are. Here.

{ peep more pix of the Casa Kitchen…}