Life-Sized Light Box

October 18, 2010

Living Room as Life-Sized Light Box

This is the casa living room.

Not only is the far end floor-to-ceiling windows, but the upper half of two side walls are semi-translucent, giving the room the effect of a giant, life-sized light box. All the other surfaces are white, including the bar that you can’t see in the photo because it’s on *this* side of the room, and the floor has a shine like it’s been smacked with a Lancome juicy tube. You know, if lip gloss came in a shade called “teak.”

I really can’t believe how bright the room is — maybe because it’s so different from the living situation I was in before.

Naturally, on a typically gorgeous day in LA, direct sunlight pours into the  room. The real testament to the brightness of the living room, however, has been these last few weeks of dark and sprinkly weather. It’s as if the room seeks out any trace of light, inside or outside, absorbs it and fills the room with it. I’ve walked into this room, and when once seeing gray skies through the window would depress me, I now notice how bright the space is and can feel its positive effect on my mood. I mean, just read how fucking gush-y I am right now. Over a living room.

I love this room. I love this casa.

Of course, we’ll see how high I sing its praises when I get the electric bill for heating/cooling a virtually uninsulated room.

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Nate @ House of Annie October 24, 2010 at 5:36 pm

It’s a photographer’s (wet) dream!


Sarah J. Gim October 25, 2010 at 5:15 am

nate: the minute i walked into this room the first time we came to see the place, i knew this would be the perfect place to take pictures… especially for someone with a point and shoot that relies heavily on lighting…!


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