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December 18, 2010

Janus et Cie Wagon in Lonny

Rain is pouring down on LA, so the farmers’ market isn’t on the weekend agenda.

But when the rain dries up (in about 10 days, unfortunately), I’d love to stroll through it with the wagon I saw in Janus et Cie‘s Pacific Design Center showroom a few months ago. It was sitting in the corner of their model boardroom, so I thought it was an actual utility wagon that the sales reps used to move things around the showroom floor, but it’s something they sell.

Janus et Cie Wagon
I am obsessed with the wagon and want it, especially now that I’ve seen a custom version of it for the a J.K. Capri hotel that was featured in Lonny (photo above). But I suppose $2,000 is a little much just to cart my weekly farmers’ market mini-haul. It’s a few hundred more for custom-printing a logo (TasteSpotting!) or monogram, so that would make it the single most expensive thing I own (my car is over 10 years old).

So buying the wagon is also not on the agenda (for the weekend, and pretty much ever).

But! Seeing the wagon in a magazine shortly after I picking it out of the showroom suddenly gave me this crazy idea that I have good taste! I could be a buyer for a store! I should publish a design magazine!

Or maybe I’ll just blog about silly things here instead.

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Greg September 13, 2011 at 5:42 am

Unpractical Devil: Think how cute you’d look strolling up n’ down the farmers market with that chic tastewagon, filling it with the seasons finest produce. And with a little tastespotting.com signage, you could even write the whole thing off!

Practical Angel: You’d probably put your back in traction trying to put that heavy a$$ wagon filled with 20 lbs of obscure vegetables in the trunk of your car wearing your Loboutin’s…


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