Five Things on Friday – Greige

December 17, 2010

Pour La Victoire Gray/Greige suede


Because it’s better than the alternative, asking your D(ecorato)r for a “light graupe.”

You probably couldn’t tell by the look of this site alone, nor from the images I choose for the posts, but I do indeed have a “thing” for the hybrid gray/beige color that now has its own word.

It’s not a recent development — this “thing.” From a distance, my closet is an undulating shade of gray and has been for at least 10 years. It’s just that I’ve just realized it recently, probably because I’ve been reading the word “greige” with more awareness.

It all sort of hit me when I was standing in the living room, surveying the monochromatic mess we had left the night before.

Gray suede shoes.

Gray cargo pants.

Gray handbag.

And that was on top of what was already in the room: gray leather couch, gray shag rug, bluish gray dining table, charcoal leather chairs and my mom’s painting of rainy daisies.

I looked down at my hands and nodded at the most appropriate place to find “graupe,” my nails.

So, five things, all “greige,” for this very rainy greige Friday in LA…

1. Shoes + Shag Rug

I’ve been obsessed with Pour la Victoire’s Irina pump ever since I tried to find the nude patent leather in my size and failed. On my last attempt, I saw it in gray suede and convinced myself that it was the better choice for the coming fall season. Now I can precariously teeter on 5″ stilettos everyday because gray goes with everything in my closet.

2. Cargo Pants + Couch

Cargo Pants - greige
I can’t decide if I’m proud or embarrassed to admit this. I’ve had these shiny cargo pants for at least five, maybe six, years, and it wouldn’t surprise me if I found the receipt for them in my tax files, dated 10 years ago. I am however, totally embarrassed that they are…from Express. That wouldn’t be so bad if I could say they’d just been sitting in my closet, leftover from my yute and forgotten, but I uncovered them during my move and have worn them. Out. Like, to dinner. If you see me wearing them, I wont blame you for ridiculing me.

3. Handbag + Harvest Table

Rebecca Minkoff Handbag - griege
I almost never buy handbags for myself because I find them more of a utility than an accessory, so I just use whatever one “works,” every day, through every season, until it falls apart or my sisters gift me because it hurts their fashionable feelings to see me with what equates (for them) to a duct-taped-for-durability paper-inside-plastic grocery bag.

Rebecca Minkoff’s “MAB” Mini is the first bag I’ve bought for myself in a long time, and though I need a black purse to replace the one that — well, see above — I picked the greige one! I’m not being fashionable. Greige is a far more functional color that goes with both black and brown, and can be the perfect little ribbon that can tie a brown belt together with black shoes!

Okay, I know. That’s kind of pushing it.

4. Nail Polish

Greige Nail Polishes
If I cared enough, I’d have gone with Chanel | Particuliere, but I don’t.

I’d rather spend that $23 on, you know, an actual manicure and pick (for free) the closest shade that my nail salon had, O.P.I. You Don’t Know Jacques, which is only $9 anyway. And when I actually have to buy an entire bottle to DIMyself, I’ll go with essie’s $4 Mink Muffs, which is so much easier to pronounce.

left to right: Chanel Particuliere $23 | O.P.I. “You Don’t Know Jacques” $9 | butter “fash pack” $14 | essie “mink muffs” $8| Deborah Lippman “Waking Up in Vegas” $14 (which Gaga wore on the cover of Vogue)

5. Chair

Charcoal Gray Leather Chair
I have four of these chairs, which happened to circle that round, gray, Formica-topped table my entire lifetime. Without the table, they seem a little lost, especially out of place in a line against the wall in a living room. I am not sure what to do with them because chromatically, they fit right in.

And I am all about forcing things together for color alone.

Like chromatically putting together light blue chambray shirts with light blue denim skirts. (Both from Express, of course.)

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tallnoe December 20, 2010 at 5:58 am

Way to stick with one color… live it, breathe it… ;)
It’s dedication.


Diana January 25, 2011 at 6:30 pm

I’ve been slowly forming a fixation on mustard. It started with the spread — slathered in increasingly larger amounts on my sandwiches — but now the obsession is starting to take over my wardrobe as well. A mustard hoodie, a mustard sweater, a mustard skirt, and, most recently, a mustard bag. From my mom.

Do you think mustard nail polish would be a good look? Or would it just look like I’ve spilled condiment on my toes?


Suzanne April 22, 2013 at 10:27 am

Where can I buy this chair? Who makes it?


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