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November 22, 2010

Single Long Dining Table - Wedding Reception

My whole life, my dining table has been round — from the round, gray Formica-topped table that my family had through my entire childhood to, well, the round, gray Formica-topped table that I “inherited” when I moved into my first apartment during college to, um, the round gray-Formica-topped table that I had up until about a week ago when, after a week of wrestling with my confused inner mba about extracting “lifetime value,” I finally had the Goose’s Dog Tags Moment® and with a dramatic squeeze of my fist on the tabletop, I emotionally




I also probably should have flung the table over the side of my balcony, as I will now have to pay a cool $120 for someone else to get the thing for free, but anyway.

I’ve never really thought about other shapes for dining tables. Sure, I’ve sat across from a date at a small square table or acknowledged the existence of a rectangle when thinking about sitting on “this end” or “that end,” but I’ve never had an opinion about the shape. I didn’t have to have one because I’ve had the same round one since the beginning of my conscious time.

And then I met The Table.

Well, first I met him, which is the subject of a different blog entirely, but let’s just skip ahead to the good part, shall we?

First night he invited me into his place. I saw it. I almost fell over.

Longer and wider than I’ve ever seen in my life.

And then I saw his dining table!

(This is me. Sarah J. “hautecoq” Gim. I had to go there, right?!)


After the winter dining with him, then spring dining with his friends, into summer dining with our friends at his table, now I’m finding myself with a preference for long, rectangular tables. In a way, it’s the physical representation of how I feel about food and dining — it isn’t about the food, it’s about the experience. Every meal is an occasion. A long rectangular table feels like a special banquet. Sure, that can be Henry VIII-style, but a meal is an occasion even if it’s two of you huddle together at one end, feasting on leftover pizza blanca on a Monday night.

The table we have in the Casa now is a “Harvest table” brought over from Provence. It was a little too long for B’s old house, but here, it fits perfectly in the Tasting Room. It’s also narrower than most, and while that seemed a slight space problem in the beginning for huge platters of food served family-style, we’re finding that it makes conversation across the table as comfortable as turning your head and chatting with the person with whom you’re rubbing shoulders.

I love the table in the first photo. Granted, it’s a wedding reception, but still, I love that anyone would want to set a single table for such a large number of people in this way.
Outstanding in the Field - Dining Tables on the beach

And just when I though I had seen the Dining Table of My Dreams, I come across Outstanding in the Field. I don’t need to go into too much detail about this multi-city dining event because that’s not my job. Neither is blogging about dining tables, but I can’t help but post pictures from their website of their dining tables that sway and curve with the wind and water outside, and stretches into what seems like eternity.
Outstanding in the Field - Dining table in the woods

One of these days, I want to set a table like that with everyone I’ve ever loved, friends and family.

Outstanding in the Field - Dining table in the woods

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Lilly Williams, Auburn CA February 12, 2012 at 2:58 pm

Wow! I love these pictures! This makes me want to throw a fabulous garden party :)


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