Circles and Cpheres – Geometric Details in the Casa

November 22, 2010

glass bubble teardrop ceiling lights

For the most part, the Casa’s geometry is angular. The structure itself is a cube, with a rectangular grid of windows on the living room for the entire front of the house. All the interior is made up of flat surfaces, straight lines and 90 ° angles. It was requiring a little effort for me to adjust from the rather soft, shapeless comfort of my living space before.

Then I caught myself staring at a sheet of bubble wrap on the dining table.

Bubble Wrap
It looked a lot like the lamps that drop down from the ceiling.
Living Room Ceiling Light

Which reminded me of the overhead raindrop shower.
Overhead Shower Head

Which made me think of the drainboard on the kitchen sink.
Kitchen Sink

My arc-y floorlamp in the living room made its way into this post on its own.

And this is exactly how my mind works.
Arc Lamp

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