54 Bond Street – If I Move to New York

October 28, 2010

54 Bond Street Living Room

Given that I love my new lightbox living (room) situation, I’d be perfectly, comfortably at home in the somewhat similar Penthouse at 54 Bond Street.

Of course, I’d have to move to New York.

And come up with $15 million.

Great Room (same as above), view from opposite angle

54 Bond Street - Living Room, view 2
I like how the main living room at 54 Bond Street is set up — an expansive space, divided visually into two with just the placement of the furniture — and it makes me happy that (before even seeing these photos) we set up our living room similarly here at the Casa. I feel validated.

Like I’m doing something right.

Like I could be the Next Design Star!

Ooo. K.

With the floor-to-ceiling windows and the broad, open box-like space, it was a bit daunting to look at our living room without any furniture in it, but like Bond Street, we created a sitting area centered around B’s gray, gorgeous, luxurious rug and a second area anchored by his Provencal dining table. The foundation for both spaces is in place with major furniture (couch, two arm chairs, coffee table and that dining table), and now we just need to fill in the details. This is my favorite part.

The rest of the Penthouse at 54 Bond Street is gorgeous…especially the two kitchens. There are more photos of the bedrooms, bathrooms and w(tf?!)ine tasting room on the site.

Main Kitchen and Dining Room

54 Bond Street - kitchen and dining room

Rooftop Kitchen and Outdoor Deck

54 Bond Street - rooftop kitchen and deck

[via: Habitually Chic]

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